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I came across the website 20 x 200 because lately I have been spending time researching websites that offer print sales for artist prints. These on-line galleries usually handle the order, print and shipping which mean that the artist can create a fairly passive income by providing an image to the company in question. 


These companies aren't created equal and even if you have "heard great things" from friends who have worked with these companies you absolutely have to do your due dilligence and take responsibility for getting the info you need to avoid getting burned by any dubious characters (trust me they are out there and they'll break your little artist heart!).


20 x 200 is an interesting website that stands out from these print on demand companies because instead of letting any artist use their service they hand-pick the artists whose prints you'll find on their site. Why is this so great? Buyers get a pre-selected or curated group of images to look through by an experienced art professional, Jen Beckman. She established her own gallery called,  Jen Bekman Gallery in 2003 so she knows the industry and brings this credibility to her on-line gallery. Not only that but she brings clients which is more than can be said for many of the other on-line print galleries. 


The pricing for prints starts at $24 USD plus shipping and there are a range of sizes and prices available. According to this article the split for the artists at 20 x 200 is 50/50.


Image source [1]


Written by: rebecca chaperon
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