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5 Of The Best Websites For Artistic Advice

Fine Art Tips Blog


#1. Fine Art Tips

This is the art website of artist Lori McNee and I first disovered it on Twitter and was drawn in by the short and thoughtful articles published for artists. She openly shares great information that can help you sell paintings like this great article about corporate art collections and how they can be important art buyers: She also provides workshops about business and painting.

Art Biz Blog website


#2. Art Biz Blog

This art website is the blog of Alison B. Stanfield. She is the author of I'd Rather Be In The Studio, a practical guide to promoting your art career. She offers a range of options for artist who want to receive her consultation. The articles on this site are a combination of Stanfield's and some guest bloggers. They are warm and conversational in tone and they invite dialogue. I like the sense of community that I get from this website and enjoy reading the comments that people contribute.

Edward Winkleman Art Advice
#3.Edward Winkleman

I love the insight in the articles by Edward Winkleman. Check out this article featured in the image above about the age-old debate of selling art alone vs. with a gallery. I love how Winkleman expresses his opinion while still weighing out the issues at hand. Besides blogging Edward Winkleman on this art website he is an art dealer and owns Winkleman Gallery in New York.

The Practical Art World Website
#4.The Practical Art World

Here is an awesome art website that has simple navigation and succint and well-written advice on a breadth of topics. I love the design of this site - its very clean and so-well organized. You will find information about your portfolio and submission tips...but you know what warms my heart the most about this website ? It's the section called 10 Weeks to improve you Artistic Career. This amazing guide takes you through steps week by week.

Art Business website
#5. Art Business

 This art website was created by Alan Bamberger who is an art consultant and knows his stuff. On his art  website you will find an amazing archive of in-depth articles that will expand your mind and help you through some of the tougher decision that you have to make as an artist. Here is a great article about applying for grants, residencies, and other funding:


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