Paintings of Water Lilies by Sandra Martin

A mixed-media painting of water lilies viewed from belowWater Lilies 34, mixed media on canvas

Today let’s look at the art portfolio of Sandra Martin! In her most recent work, Sandra focuses on water lilies, which in her paintings are portrayed from underneath the water, putting an interesting perspective on a traditional subject.


A painting of swirling, lightly abstracted clouds with deep coloursAmethyst Clouds, mixed media on canvas

The paintings of water lilies are created with a series of layered washes, and in the finishing touches, Sandra adds a touch of gold leaf. I think that’s a neat detail in these painting, and it adds a very original touch as well as a simple yet effective sign of the artist’s hand.


I’m really enthralled by Sandra’s cloudscapes, which she has been painting since 2012. She takes relatively simple subject matter and uses that to her advantage, creating any number of interesting variations by changing the colour, lighting and size of the works themselves. Some of the works have a distinct ominous tone, while others are lighthearted and fluffy – just like real clouds and shifting weather patterns.  All of these and more mixed-media paintings can be viewed on Sandra’s website: 


A painting of a bridge under cloud cover, with red and golden tonesNeon Ramp, mixed media on canvas

A screen capture of a gallery of recent paintings on Sandra Martin's webpageWater liliy paintings from 2014, on Sandra's website

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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