Neon Assemblages by Kelsey Kimmel

An installation view of two sculptural pieces made of bright synthetic materialsConjunction Junction and Wrinkle in Time (installation view 2), projection on styrofoam sculpture

These eye-catching neon assemblages are the work of Kelsey Kimmel. Kelsey investigates human interactions with digital space and uses synthetic materials to create bizarre, almost alien forms and sculptures in the context of the gallery.

An abstract sculpture composed of synthetic materials and painted neon pinkWrinkle in Time, wood, plaster, chicken wire, epoxy, spray paint, rubber

Kelsey’s sculptures are incredibly tactile, and I imagine it would be hard to refrain from reaching out to touch them, looking at them in person! The fact that they are irregularly shaped means that a viewer must walk all the way around them, looking at them from every possible angle, to see everything about them. Using materials such as Styrofoam, plaster, latex, cardboard and foam, the artist’s sculptures have the feeling of industrial detritus turned cyberpunk, becoming synthetic monoliths.


iSolated INFINITE gallery on Kelsey Kimmel's art websitePhotos of the iSolated INFINITE exhibition on Kelsey's website

In Isolated Infinite, a recent exhibition, Kelsey created her strange, tactile sculptures and then projected images on to them, altering the colours and the landscape of the installation. See photos of this work and more at


A photo of a sculptural installation featuring a series of materials grouped in a cornerCompressed Corner, plaster, wood, polyurethane foam, latex, mylar, cardboard, rubber

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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