Frescos in Mixed Media by Nella Lush

An abstracted painting of a figure in oil and enncausticFeeling Blessed @ Cortile, P-Town, oil, cold wax, marble, oil sticks on canvas

Nella Lush is our featured artist today! Nella creates abstracted paintings and frescos in mixed media and encaustic. Her paintings, layered thickly with various media, are reminiscent of ancient and weathered wall-based artworks.


A main page screen capture of Nella Lush's art website

Nella's art website front page


In her paintings and frescos, flowers and scenery are slightly blurred at the edges, obscured and subdued just enough to produce a slightly aged effect. A recent collaborative work Nos Spiritu, saw Nella working together with musician Peter Vantine to create a sublime and uplifting art film. This work would be right at home in a collection of religious artworks


Nos Spiritu 


I love Nella’s series of oil and wax frescos of sailboats on the water – the sea itself is painted to be wonderfully ethereal, while the sailboats are represented by simple, stark white triangles. The paintings are symbolic yet quite clear in their subject matter.  View more of Nella’s works on her website,


A fresco painting of sailboats on a rough seaFoul Wind, oil wax fresco

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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