Medical Aesthetic: Artwork by J.D. Doria

A close-up photo of blending pigments on a sheet of glassPetri Dish 2014-2

J.D. Doria is an artist from Tel Aviv, Israel. Doria’s works often mimic a microscopic, medical aesthetic, with imagery of specimen slides and the cellular structure of various organisms. Using a variety of different media, the artist explores the nature of the process while pigments and liquids move organically, allowing each work to “grow.”


A close-up photo of dark red liquid pigments mixing togetherLogic of Nature 9

In one of the artist’s most recent projects, Petri Dish, liquid pigments and colours are dropped into a large glass dish, rather than being applied to canvas or paper. The resulting pools and blends of colour are placed on a light table and photographed from above, creating images of mysterious floods of biological matter or distant oceans. The artist's process of dropping paint onto a surface and allowing it to flow is similar the artwork of Luis Pagan


I really enjoy the clean, relatively minimalist style of Doria’s work. Despite the artist’s use of drippy, likely messy media, the photographs that make up the final works are always extremely polished and expertly framed, showing nothing but the essential components of the work.


A close-up photo of some pigments blending together on a flat sheet of glassPetri Dish 2015

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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