Eco-Friendly Woodwork by Andelko Oliveric

A coffee table made from 300-year old olive woodOlive wood table

Today’s featured artist is Andelko Oliveric. Andelko creates eco-friendly woodwork in the form of beautiful bowls and furniture, using wood found on the forest floor rather than wood from living trees.


A coffee table with a glass top and olive wood baseOlive wood table

A screen capture of the front page of Andelko Oliveric's woodworking websiteAndelko's website, Oliwoodart

I love the way the artist preserves the look and feel of the wood itself, rather than working it into a highly polished and angular form. His coffee tables often feature glass tops propped up in an almost-precarious fashion over undulating plates of wood. Andelko often selects olive wood as his material, though he sometimes uses mulberry, cherry and Mediterranean oak.


There’s an interesting visual difference between some works in Andelko’s bowls gallery – some of his recent works have been left without a finish, leaving the slightly rough, dry texture of the wood to stand out. The effect is an appealing driftwood-like feel, almost giving the impression that these pieces might have been taken as-is directly from the forest.


A decorative bowl made from Mediterranean oakMediterranean oak bowl

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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