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Artist Website: J M (Ian) Savage

Digital abstract artworkZumax

"My artwork takes me on several different journeys. When painting a landscape I often close my eyes and try to re-create a scene in my head. Sometimes they are from recent memory, but often from the distant past. Other times I refer back to the trusted sketchbook, for reference, and more recently I have started to take photographs to work from. When painting abstracts in oils I just take it one step at a time and often change direction mid-way, when I see something develop. Creating abstracts in digital format allows me to use a wide range of tools and ideas. Quite often I will have two or three drawings side by side, then scan them into the computer and arrange them into new conceptually layered pieces." -- J M (Ian) Savage, Vancouver, BC.

Digital artwork made from a scanWarpspeed

digitally manipulated abstract artworkTransformer

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Artist Eric Deis

Eric Deis is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.

Eric was born on a Canadian military station in Haida Gwaii. He is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego (M.F.A.) and Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design, Vancouver (B.F.A.). His artwork has been exhibited in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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