Picture Book Illustrations by Valerie Lesiak

A digital illustration of an owl and a cat in a boatOwl & Cat, digital illustration

Today we’re featuring the illustration artwork of Valerie Lesiak! Valerie is from Rocky River, Ohio, and has experience working as a designer and artist for American Greetings and on several other projects. She often uses digital tools to create her kid-friendly picture book illustrations.


A digital illustration of a bright red flowerFlower Drama!, digital illustration


A screen capture of Valerie Lesiak's illustration websiteValerie's online gallery of Random Illustrations

For the most part, Valerie’s images are stylized and slightly simplified, though her layered patterns lend them a unique texture and eye-catching detail. In the case of her images of flowers, Valerie uses a more realistic style, capturing the shape and texture of each petal, while still managing to add polish in a way that works well in a digital medium.


Animals – especially birds – often feature as subjects and motifs in Valerie’s illustrations. We featured some of these animal-focused digital collage illustrations in our previous look at Valerie’s work. When working with animals, Valerie tends to use a more cartoonish aesthetic. In many cases, her animal artworks are intended for children, such as in her Alphabet Soup book of illustrated letters, which is available for purchase or preview through Blurb.


A digital illustration of a cat looking out at a canary from inside a coffee mugC is for Cup, Cat & Canary, digital illustration

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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