Drama and Mystery in the Landscape: Photos by Frederick Ardley

A photograph of an autumn forest by Frederick Ardley


Frederick Ardley is a British photographer who seeks to bring out the drama and mystery in the landscape. Ardley has traveled around the world, taking photographs of expansive landscapes in many different countries and climates.


Ardley puts a huge emphasis on sky and lighting in his photographs, creating images that draw the viewer in with their incredible depth and scope. In his cityscapes, like his series on Dubai and Milan, the artist captures the unique character of a metropolitan area. Dubai’s sharp, modern lines are captures against dusky purple backdrops of sky, whereas in Milan, the centuries-old churches and archways are treated with a warm, orange-toned glow of sunlight.

A photograph of fields and flowers in GlocestershireFields and Flowers - Gloucestershire, UK

Some of Ardley’s photos, specifically those which focus on rural and wilderness scenes, remind me a little bit of more surreal manipulation works by Michal Karcz. Many of Ardley’s rural landscapes are set in U.K. locations where mist and dense, grassy hills come to the forefront. I really enjoy the added mystery of the dusk lighting and low cloud in some of these works. 


A photograph of Scotland under cloud coverCold Mountain Air

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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