Nightmarish Pastries: Sculpture by Scott Hove

A cake sculpture by Scott HoveUntitled

Scott Hove creates installation artworks and sculptures using traditional cake decorating techniques. The resulting objects are nightmarish pastries that look like a scene that was left out of Alice in Wonderland.


While Hove’s artworks aren’t actually made from sugar, butter and flour, the artist uses materials that are meant to closely mimic the texture and colour of actual pastry. He even goes so far as to create the finishing touches with a piping bag, giving the “icing” a look that would be good enough to eat, if the rest of the cake weren’t so terrifying. These are certainly not the friendly food artworks of Cindy Scaife.


An installation by Scott Hove with a room covered in cakePentagon Disco Infinity Chamber

I really like Hove’s recent installations in which the artist filled a space with “cake” – the floors, ceilings, and walls are covered in beautifully iced, fluffy pink or mint green cake, dotted with accents of sculpted whipped cream and cherries. I’m especially enjoying the inclusion of mirrors in these room installations – the effect is an impossible to navigate maze of cakes, like a delicious dream gone horribly wrong. 


A cake-like wall sculpture with a pair of high heel shoesPrincess Paradise

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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