Antique-Style Photos by Kyla Slobodin

A photo of a small doll hand in a mass of hairUntitled (Hair), black and white 35mm film

Kyla Slobodin is a photographer and painter currently based out of Denman Island in British Columbia. Her current photography practice is focused on smooth, antique-style photos in black and white.


A photo of a headless doll body in a glass cubeUntitled (Glass Room), black and white 35mm film

Kyla utilizes various subject matter in her photos, though she seems to tend toward abstraction in her compositions. Even human figures are fragmented, or viewed from extremely close-up vantage points, rendering them in a new, almost unrecognizable light. I really enjoy Kyla’s Dolls series, wherein the naked, headless bodies of Barbie-esque dolls are placed in dreamlike scenarios, suspended in empty space or trapped inside geometric forms.


A screen capture of the front page of Kyla Slobodin's

The artist also experiments with purely abstract photography, such as in her Digital Ripples and Wrap series. In Digital Ripples, each image shows a close-up view of a landscape of tiny LED lights on a screen, the camera’s view transforming each expanse into a rippling pattern of translucent colors. 

A close-up photograph of a digital screenUntitled (Horizontal), digital photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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