Diverse Ways of Seeing: Art by Janet Pancho Gupta

A photograph of a silhouetted person walking in front of a structureIt Begins With One Step, photograph

Hong Kong-based artist Janet Pancho Gupta works both as a painter and a photographer. For Janet, the two mediums serve as foils for one another, offering diverse ways of seeing the world and creating images.

A photograph of a tiny snail inside the petal of a hibiscus flowerEye of Nature #1, photograph 


The artist is equally skilled with traditional art and photography, using both to approach image-making from different angles. Janet’s photography focuses on the interaction of form and figure, both in nature and in urban settings. I enjoy the artist’s urban photographs, in which architectural shapes often serve to set the stage for human figures, viewed from unique and refreshing angles.


The front page of Janet Pancho Gupta's art websiteThe front page of Janet's website

The paintings on view in Janet’s portfolio mainly take animals and flowers as their subjects, and demonstrate the artist’s great talent for rendering the finest details of various creatures in a lifelike quality. These animal portraits are reminiscent of those by Genevieve Desy. I really enjoy Janet’s floral imagery, where she seems to build and enhance the natural beauty of floral forms until they take on an otherworldly appeal. 


A watercolour painting of a pink rosePink Rose, watercolour on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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