Visual Reflections: Art by Scott Ross

A digitally manipulated photo of a sunriseSunrise 1, digital photograph

Scott Ross grew up in Westchester, NY and now resides in Housatonic, Massachusetts. The artist’s practice is triple-disciplinary, revolving equally around painting, photography, and digital art. Using these mediums, Scott creates art surrounding visual reflections.


A painting that seems to reference human musculatureUntitled (2014, 14), oil on canvas

It’s interesting to compare Scott’s paintings to his photographs – the former are focused on the structure of the human body, while the latter are more preoccupied with natural forms like trees and the sky. Despite these differences, the images all seem to share a similar approach to the image. The paintings emphasize the natural curvature of muscles and limbs, while the photographs are often digitally manipulated, with sections of sky pulled down into elongated, muscle-like shapes.


A screen capture of Scott Ross' art 


Scott’s Reflections photo series is a great example of the artist’s skill with photo manipulation. The concept is fairly straightforward - each image is reflected back on itself, sometimes numerous times, to create a fascinating abstract field of texture and colour. These reflected fields remind me of the paintings of Renée Duval.


A digitally manipulated photo of an orange treeAutumn Tree 4, digital photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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