Colour and Exaggerated Form: Art by Linda Wagner

A painting of reductive forms of houses and treesDreamway Palazzo, oil on canvas

Linda Wagner’s portfolio is packed with images that celebrate colour and exaggerated form. Whether she’s painting landscapes, florals, or dream-like combinations of the two, the artist uses her canvas as a vehicle for packing in as much vibrant color as possible.

A painting of abstracted red flowersRed Pods, oil on canvas

I’m really a fan of Linda’s floral images – in these, she takes inspiration from the forms of large flower petals, stretching and manipulating them until they are almost departed from the initial subject. Huge strokes of red with orange and yellow accents take over the painted surface, creating a really interesting sense of movement and drawing the viewer deeper into the flower.


The front page of Linda Wagner's art

Linda’s landscapes reflect her location in British Columbia, and the landscapes of her travels. The rocky beaches of the windswept BC coast go well alongside cliff-side buildings in Greece and Italy. In all cases, the artist uses color to add life and texture to the forms, whether the polished wall of an old building or the roaring movement of a waterfall. 


A painting of several figures on a dusky beachOn the Beach, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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