Bright, Bubbly Abstract Art by Allyson Malek

A painting of some bright colored marbles on canvasCircular, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas

Allyson Malek is currently based on the California central coast, where she creates works of bright, bubbly abstract art. In her recent works, Allyson has been utilizing the motif of the circle to great effect.


A painting of colored disks on a neutral backgroundCompleteness, acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas

I enjoy looking through these recent works on Allyson’s portfolio website. While abstract, each one has the level of focus and attention to detail that one might expect out of a realistic painting. Featuring textured backgrounds in neutral tones of grey and beige, the paintings are layered over with evenly spaces painted spheres in a variety of bright colors. The artist uses a great gradient technique to give each circular form the illusion of volume, and I love the contrast between these bright forms and the quiet backgrounds.


The Miniatures gallery on Allyson Malek's art websiteAllyson's Miniatures gallery on her website


The works in Allyson’s Miniature Series are similar in color, but on a much smaller scale, like bite-sized slices of her larger works. In some of these pieces, the artist uses mixed media techniques like painting on watercolour paper before cutting the paper into strips and collaging it together.


A miniature abstract painting on watercolor paperMini #5, acrylic on Arches watercolor paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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