Colorful Paintings of West Coast Wildlife by Jennifer Sparacino

A painting of a grizzly bear in purpleViolet, acrylic on canvas

Jennifer Sparacino’s colorful paintings of west coast wildlife use an impressive range of hues, giving her subjects a bombastic, mythical appearance. Originally from Vancouver, BC, Jennifer has been a full-time artist since 2011.


A painting of a bear in bright colorsKing of the Woods, acrylic on canvas

It’s really awesome to look at these paintings and see how perfectly Jennifer mixes totally dreamlike color with detailed and realistic renditions of animals. The artist is very skilled at using different shades and tints, as well as different colors altogether, to build up the volume of a given subject and create a lifelike, three-dimensional appearance. Small, square-ish brush marks and sketchy, thin painted lines give furry and feathery animals added texture.


A screen capture of Jennifer Sparacino's art websiteJennifer's gallery of 2016 paintings


The majority of Jennifer’s paintings utilize a blank or monochromatic background, depicting the subject in a close-up, portrait-style view. The artist seems to have a particular affinity for bears, and her works definitely offer a new angle of viewing for these creatures. 

A painting of a blue green horse on a red backgroundEquus II, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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