Depth and Dimension: Murals and Painting by Robert Milling

A photograph of a mural on an outdoorElsinore Outlet Mural Project, railroad station, acrylic on building wall

Robert Milling combines art and architecture in his works, creating stunning murals and faux finishes that add depth and dimension to even outdoor spaces. With over three decades of painting experience, the artist has been able to refine his style and work together with homeowners, designers and architects to create his works.


A mural painted inside an office space of an underwater sceneUntitled, mural

Robert paints murals for public settings, private homes and offices, tailoring each mural to suit the needs of the space and the client. While the majority of his works reference classic, romantic-style paintings, or created trompe-l’oeil effects on a ceiling, he deviates from the occasionally. For example, in an underwater-themed office mural.


A screen capture of the front page of Robert Milling's websiteRobert's portfolio website


The artist’s faux finishes use specialized painting and construction techniques to add old-world detail and design to modern homes. Robert creates faux marble pillars and detailing, as well as painting on walls and ceilings to create illusions of intricate, three-dimensional relief carvings. 


A faux finish painted to look like relief carvingsUntitled, faux finish

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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