Vintage Teacups and Beautiful Florals: Watercolor by Jane Crosby

A watercolor painting of checkered lilliesCheckered Lillies, Rachel's, watecolour on cold-pressed paper

Vancouver, British Columbia artist Jane Crosby has a special affinity for vintage teacups and beautiful florals, which she renders in her highly detailed watercolors. Usually painted in the center of an expanse of white paper, the artist’s floral figures are peaceful and meditative.


A watercolor painting of a pacific dogwood flowerPacific Dogwood, British Columbia, watercolour on cold-pressed paper


Jane’s skill in working with such a tricky medium is quite impressive. Her works all have the soft, slightly translucent quality that the medium allows for, but Jane’s style also has a documentary edge to it, with all the flowers presented unembellished, in their natural state, but in as much detail as possible. Using the same techniques, the artist captures every contour and painted design on a teacup, creating an interesting effect by rendering an existing painted design within a new painting.


A screen capture of Jane Crosby's art websiteThe front page of Jane's website


When she’s not working in watercolor, Jane also creates incredible ink drawings. These works, done primarily in black and white, focus on realistic human figures as well as animals and the artist’s favorite flowers. I really enjoy the way Jane builds volume in these works, creating tiny patterns and designs in ink rather than using basic crosshatching. 


An ink drawing of an oregano plantOregano, Kent Beauty, ink on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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