Colorful, Changeable Style: Painting by Jeanne Kollée

A painting created using brush work and palette knife workYellow Bright Forest, oil on canvas

Jeanne Kollée is an artist based in Lethbridge, Alberta. Jeanne specializes in oil paint, though her portfolio is packed with examples of other media including watercolor, acrylic and photography. The artist combines casual, loose brush-work with hard-edged knife painting for a colorful, changeable style.


An abstract painting that appears to depict a bombingNovember 1918, oil on canvas

I’m quite impressed by Jeanne’s gallery of impressionist works on her website. While each of these paintings depicts a distinct, natural scene, without their given titles they could almost certainly be interpreted as pure abstraction. The range of colors that Jeanne uses in these works is also quite lovely. In one painting of the prairies of southern Alberta, the patchwork of farmland is depicted as an imperfect grid of monochromatic blocks, like a real patchwork quilt.


A screen capture of Jeanne Kollee's art websiteThe impressionist gallery on Jeanne's portfolio website


Interestingly, Jeanne’s works of pure abstraction feature much more structured, geometric work, made with a palette knife. In general, the color palette in these works is also darker and more earthy, and where the artist’s impressionism echoes the brightness of forests and plains, these abstractions call to mind murky, rainy cityscapes. 


A painting of a dynamic scene from Norse mythologyJormungand and Naglfar at Ragnarok, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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