Otherworldly Crystal Paintings by Rebecca Chaperon

A painting of a crystal on negative spaceAurora Crystal 16, acrylic on canvas

Vancouver-based artist and illustrator Rebecca Chaperon creates dreamy fairytale artworks and otherworldly crystal paintings.


A painting of a blue crystal on grey paperDeep Ice Crystal #14, acrylic on paper


I’m really a fan of Rebecca’s recent series of crystals. The series, titled Tesseract, encompasses numerous portraits of individual crystalline forms, each presented with oddly imperfect facets rendered in hues of blue, green and pink – sometimes with metallic accents. These works seem like a logical next-step from the artist’s Antarcticus series, which showcased icebergs as monochromatic prism-shapes hanging over alien landscapes.


A screen capture of Rebecca Chaperon's websiteImages from Rebecca's Tesseract series on her website


In our previous feature of Rebecca’s work we focused on her monoliths and portals. Like the icebergs, many of Rebecca’s works feature black monoliths as a motif, whether emerging from the earth as obelisks, or hanging in the air as parallelograms and other shapes. The artist’s recent crystals seem like a look at another facet of these mysterious forms.


A painting of a pink beach with a large black shape hovering in the skyEntrance, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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