Abstracted Macro Photography by Joseph Peter Sullivan

A photograph of some grass with points of light above itSurrounded by

U.S.-based artist and photographer Joseph Peter Sullivan sheds beautiful light on overlooked objects, using an interesting style of abstracted macro photography.


A photograph of an odd corner of a home interiorKO_M

Some of Joseph’s most recent works focus on the extreme details of architectural spaces. These photos don’t capture the grandiose of a new skyscraper or cathedral, but rather the visual interest that happens in small imperfections, cracks and textures in aging, mundane rooms. I love the softness of these photographs, and the way they offer just enough information to the viewer while still leaving much up to interpretation.


The front page of Joseph Peter Sullivan's art websiteThe front page of Joseph's website


Joseph seems to have a great skill for presenting a series of images as a narrative, allowing the viewer to fill in the blanks. Last time we looked at the artist’s simple, eye-catching photos we talked specifically about his Self Portrait series, in which a number of photos of fragmented textures and colors are taken together to comprise a vague yet telling impression of the artist. 


A strange photo of digital staticself-portrait series

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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