Vibrant, Obscured Images: Art by Vesa Peltonen

An edited photo of a Fender guitarMy Ole Fender

Vesa Peltonen is an artist and designer based in Eastern Canada. The artist was born in Finland but came to Canada as a child where he developed his unique style of vibrant, obscured images that showcase the hidden beauty in all manner of scenes and subjects.


An edited photograph of jazz musician Sunnyland SlimSunnyland Slim

Many of Vesa’s works come in the form of edited photographs. The artist starts with an image and adds extra effects or digitally-drawn lines and other details, creating an interesting composite. His series of jazz musicians features seemingly hand-drawn colored lines that serve to illustrate the color, movement and originality of the music.


A screen capture of Vesa Peltonen's art websiteThe front page of Vesa's website


As we talked about in our last feature of Vesa’s work, the artist offers custom art prints which are available for sale through his website. Vesa has also worked in collaboration with a local fashion designer to create wearable works of art in the form of scarves, wraps and shirts. The artist’s more abstract, color-focused works are quite well suited to this application. 


An abstracted image of a red sky in the desertDesert Evening Sky

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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