Documentary and Fine Art Images by Ivan Petrov

A photograph of a deer on a mountain trail#YVR3 - Lone Survivor

Ivan Petrov is a photographer creating documentary and fine art images of events, places and people. The artist’s portfolio of fine art photography spans numerous locations throughout North America.


A photo of a curved architectural feature#YOW65 - The Future of Social Sciences

I find that Ivan is particularly good at capturing the true colors and temperatures of the places he photographs. Whether Ivan’s looking at architectural elements in an urban area, or an expansive natural landscape, he treats each with a certain photographic reverence, capturing and exposing the aesthetics of the scene.


A screen capture of Ivan Petrov's photography website


In his event photographs, Ivan likewise does a good job of capturing the overall mood and tone of an event, whether it’s celebratory or more serious. The photographs also tend to focus more on the attendees of an event than the building, room or surroundings, offering up a more journalistic and documentary feel. Ivan has also done some real estate photography, in which he showcases the interior and exterior of a home with beautifully glamorous staged shots.


A real-estate photograph of a home exteriorFront Yard

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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