Studio Sunday: Markus Lupertz

A photo of artist Markus Lupertz in his studio


Markus Lupertz is a German contemporary artist known for painting and sculpture as well as other pursuits including writing and jazz piano. Lupertz is often lumped in with the German neo-expressionist art movement, which defined itself in relation to abstract expressionism, leaning more toward figuration.


Lupertz’s studio as pictured above looks dark and cozy, if a little cramped. The wall that faces the artist is absolutely covered in small artworks, studies and sketches. It appears these works mostly feature figures, though they’re made in a variety of media and styles.


I like the window on the far side of the room that seems to look out into a lush, overgrown garden, with vines snaking across the glass. I assume that this is Lupertz’ own house, and the whole place gives off an air of great devotion to one’s work. I can picture Lupertz really burning the midnight oil, poring over sketches or books in this space. The bowl of fruit on the table in the foreground is a nice touch as well – it looks like the perfect subject for a classic still-life study.


Lupertz' work is generally figurative, though in keeping with the neo-expressionist theme these figures are often highly stylized and expressive. The artist utilizes a lot of earthy colors including browns and tans, which seem to reflect the deep brown tones of the room he’s working in.


In addition to his visual art, Lupertz also publishes a triannual German arts journal titled Frau und Hund (Woman and Dog). Contributors to the magazine have included Frank Stella and Daniel Spoerri. 

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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