Beauty in Everyday Life: Glasswork by Catherine Hart

A stained glass work with a curl of blue and beadsAstral Shore

Inspired by nature and the beauty in everyday life, Catherine Hart creates one-of-a-kind stained glass panels. Catherine’s style often features floral motifs against backdrops of geometric abstraction and patterns.


A stained glass panel imitating wind or waterWindswept

The medium of stained glass lends itself well to geometric patterns, and I rather enjoy the way that Catherine utilizes this strength. Many of her works – particularly in her Geometric gallery – strongly feature checkered or striped patterns of colored squares and rectangles inlaid with clear or frosted glass. In other works, geometry is used as a starting point, with more rounded, floral forms becoming the focal points.


The front page of Catherine Hart's art


Catherine also uses her glasswork skills to create christmas ornaments. These small, flat pieces of glass and wire have an ethereal beauty to them, and I can imagine the translucent colored glass doing a great job of diffusing bright holiday lighting throughout a space. Each piece showcases skilled craftsmanship and an eye for simple, clean aesthetics.


A pair of stained-glass Christmas baublesChristmas Ball

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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