Detailed, Gestural Watercolor by Sophie Blouet

A watercolor painting of two men in cowboy hatsAux courses, Beaver 3, watercolor on paper

Sophie Blouet is watercolor painter who currently resides in Santa Rosa, California. Originally from Paris, Sophie has spent most of her life honing her skills, rendering her surroundings in detailed, gestural watercolor.


A watercolor painting of two men on horsebackAux Courses, Beaver 2, watercolor on paper


I enjoy the wide variation in Sophie’s chosen subject matter. Where in our previous feature we focused on the artist’s seascapes and watercraft paintings, she also has a substantial body of still-life and portrait work. Sophie is as skilled at rendering human figures as she is at depicting trees and stones. The slightly looser, expressionistic style that Sophie uses works really well for subjects that are shown in movement, such as in the artist’s genre paintings of horse races.


A screen capture of Sophie Blouet's art websiteThe still-life painting gallery on Sophie's website


In her still life works, the artist uses a classical style, posing collections of objects and painting them at the center of the work. The nature of the watercolor lends these a light and sunny tone, as if each piece is painted in a room filled with sunlight. 


A watercolor painting of some paint suppliesBouquet de pinceaux, watercolor on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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