Earthy Colors and Abstract Shapes: Art by Tim Van Ginkel

An abstract print with earthy colorsIWF-2, serial monoprint, lithography

Tim Van Ginkel is an American artist who specializes in printmaking techniques. The artist’s heavily layered prints have an almost antiqued appearance, with earthy colors and abstract shapes.


A print with layers of earthy browns and bluesIWF-5, serial monoprint, lithography

Tim’s collection of 2016 works features works that seem more unified. These prints, which heavily utilize neutral colors in orange, brown and green tones, act as dreamlike meditations on color and form. They’re contrasted against the artist’s older works, where geometry and systems produce works that lean more toward the figurative. I rather enjoy Tim’s recent works as a series – seen together they seem almost to form a sequence.


A screen capture of Tim Van Ginkel's art


While more defined figures appear in some of his works, Tim keeps his layered backgrounds constant throughout his portfolio. I like the almost muddy appearance of some of these, with large, loose strokes of tonally similar colors creating a textured, aged appearance as the basis for the rest of the printmaking process.  

An abstract art print by Tim Van GinkelIWF-9, serial monoprint, lithography

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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