Sunny Scenes: Watercolor by Travis Poelle

A watercolor painting of two men playing music in a parkPark Song, watercolor

Watercolor painter Travis Poelle uses his medium to depict sunny scenes of urban life. Currently based in New York City, Travis primarily paints scenes of the people and environment around him.


A watercolor painting of people shopping at an outdoor marketSpring Market, watercolor


As in our previous feature of Travis’ work, I’m really impressed by the stunning photorealistic watercolors that the artist produces. Watercolor as a medium tends to lend itself to looser, more gestural painting, but through patient work Travis is able to create smooth, hard edges and well-defined shapes, rendering everything from architecture to human faces in superb detail.


Travis Poelle's online art portfolio


I also like Travis’ attention to the lighting in each of his pieces. In works that show nighttime scenes he uses more saturated colors, treating negative space with a dark, purple or grey wash that imitates the color of a city sky at dusk. Daytime scenes are painted lightly, with plenty of space left empty and serving as highlights. 


A watercolor painting of New York taxis12:12 Taxis, watercolor

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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