Landscapes of the Selkirk Mountains: Art by Cecilia Lea

An oil painting of a garden shed filled with potsThe Pot Shed - Tangled Garden, Nova Scotia, oil on canvas

Cecilia Lea channels her adoration of the Rocky Mountains into her artworks. Currently based in British Columbia’s interior, Cecilia paints landscapes of the Selkirk Mountains, as well as lakes, forests and small-town life.


A painting of an old house in winterThis Old House, oil on canvas


The artist’s works tend toward vast, expansive landscapes that capture mountains rising on the horizon, as well as the sky above and forested land leading up to them. In all of Cecilia’s works, the texture of the canvas remains slightly visible, lending a certain sense of tactility and charm to the otherwise clean and realistically-rendered images. The panoramic views that fill Cecilia’s portfolio remind me a little of the landscape paintings of Michael McEwing.


A screen capture of Cecilia Lea's art websiteThe gallery of sold paintings on Cecilia's website


When she’s not painting these epic, mountainous landscapes, Cecilia focuses her artistic eye on the everyday. Her works capture buildings - from those that are inhabited and well-maintained, to gutted, abandoned barns in the midst of lush vegetation – as well as watercraft and even human figures. In some cases, the figures are presented as a part of the landscape, giving Cecilia’s works the best of both worlds. 


A painting of a peak in Yoho National ParkGunsite Peak - Lake O'Hara, Yoho National Park, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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