Pure Wilderness: Photography by Wayne Mazorow

A photograph of green foliage on a forest floorHemlock Swamp

Ohio-based photographer Wayne Mazorow builds his practice around capturing the remaining areas of pure wilderness in the Ohio area. Photographing both protected reserves and endangered environments, Wayne showcases the beauty and fragility of the natural landscape.


A photo of a river fall in the winterGreat Falls of Tinkers Creek, Early Winter

Wayne’s photographs are dense with detail and heavily color-saturated. The forests and streams that populate Wayne’s corner of the world also tend toward dramatic seasonal changes. The artist’s portfolio offers images that capture the icy, frozen path of a river in the dead of winter, as well as a meadow full of spring flowers.


The image gallery on Wayne Mazorow's websiteWayne's online image gallery


I really enjoy some of Wayne’s photographs of woods. While the entire photo frame is filled in with vegetation, there is also a tendency on Wayne’s part to create a sort of horizon by capturing ground-level shrubs and undergrowth in the bottom half of the photo, with tall tree trunks taking up the top half. The result is an interesting change that gives the eye a chance to readjust and take in as much lush detail as possible. 


A photograph of yellow flowers in a fieldBlack-Eyed Susan

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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