Delightfully Impressionistic Paintings by Susan Horn

A painting of Aspen trees on a mountainsideAspen Trees on Mountainside, Silverthorne, Colorado

Artist Susan Horn creates delightfully impressionistic paintings of her environment and surroundings. The works gestural and hint at details while providing the viewer a peaceful, dreamy view of an object or place.


An abstracted painting of a farm on a riverbedUntitled


I like that Susan paints her works while very deliberately incorporating evidence of her own hand. Each brush stroke is obvious and calculated, and they come together to form not only a complete image, but a narrative of the painting process. The colors in each work range from deep, saturated greens and blues to selections of subdued neutrals, as in the artist’s still life paintings. In her River Valley series, the landscape is autumnal and packed with strokes of warm crimson and orange. 


A screen capture of Susan Horn's art websiteThe front page of Susan's art website


Susan’s skill at suggesting forms like mountains and trees is quite impressive. Often, a huge geographic feature is reduced to just a few simple, purposeful brush marks, which somehow render even shadow and highlight in enough detail for the viewer’s brain to figure out the rest. 


A still life painting of a number of vesselsStill Life With Burnt Orange Vase, oil on board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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