A Methodical, Researched Approach: Art by Amie T. Rangel

A drawing of a slightly surreal home interiorWindows - 2905 Apt A & B, graphite, prisma-color, acrylic paint and Mylar on paper

Amie T. Rangel takes a methodical, researched approach to her artworks. She often takes her inspiration from structures both ritualistic and physical, utilized a variety of traditional media to explore these concepts.


A drawing of a small house at the end of a bricked-in walkwayUnit 915, charcoal, chalk pastel, gesso, ink and acrylic paint on linen

The subdued color palette that Amie tends to use seems to create an aura of seriousness around her works, giving the viewer an impression that the works exist as anthropological or academic studies. The detailed realism of Amie’s drawings also lends to this effect, reminiscent of scientific studies made of plant specimens or machines.


A screen capture of the front page of Amie T. Rangel's art websiteThe front page of Amie's website

I find this is particularly true when Amie’s works are viewed together as series. The idea of an anthropological collection comes to the forefront. In her 2012 series, THE WHEY (WAY) N: TO CENTER, for example, the drawings of machinery and agricultural tools only form a complete pictured when viewed together. At that point, the viewer can see the connections between the circular, repetitive function of machinery, our dependence on it, and the idea of a spiritual “centering.”


A drawing of a small box attached to a wallRECEPTACLE, graphite and prisma-color on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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