Modernist Aesthetics: Sculpture by Rand Hardy

A colorful abstract sculpture by Rand HardyFuturama/Kachina Kar, aqua resin, paint

Sculptor Rand Hardy draws on both contemporary and modernist aesthetics to create sculptures that have an almost anachronistic feeling to them. Working as an artist since the 1960’s, Hardy’s style has evolved yet has retained a very distinct sense of self.


An abstract bronze sculpture from the 1980'sForms of the Mouth, bronze

Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, Hardy’s works tended to use raw, industrial materials like wood, cardboard, steel, and bronze. With the materials bent and carved into expressive abstract forms, Hardy generally allowed the natural colors of the materials to stay consistent within the sculpture. In the 2000’s he began working more with aqua resin, creating forms that are more unified in texture. Most recently, Hardy has been adding bright colors to his sculptures, coating the resin in places with planes of monochromatic paint and occasionally patterns or simple figures.


I really enjoy these painted sculptures of Hardy’s – the tone overall is more friendly than that of his earlier works, though it doesn’t seem any less conceptually dense. The artist’s thought provoking titles add a finishing touch to each work.  


An aqua resin sculpture of an abstract formThe Forward Look, aqua resin, paint

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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