Assemblages of Driftwood: Art and Prop Design by Andrea Buckle

A photo of a carved driftwood sculptureUntitled


Andrea Buckle is a maritime artist who creates carved sculptures and assemblages of driftwood. A self-professed beach lover, Andrea is also an experienced decorator and prop supplier for film and television.


A sculpture made from driftwood and stonesUntitled


I enjoy the way Andrea combines the natural color and texture along with artistic alterations in the form of painting and carving. In her series of environmental sculptures for the GDDCP non-profit organization in New Brunswick, Andrea weaves small pieces of found wood with other natural objects like stones and bits of metal to create unique trophy-like objects that function beautifully as decorative objects for a maritime-based environmental organization.


A screen capture of Andrea Buckle's online remodeling galleryAndrea's gallery of renovation photos


Andrea’s work in the film industry includes decorating and renovating interiors for use as film sets – her portfolio includes numerous photographs of handmade décor items and remodeling projects. The artist’s aesthetic expresses a consistent appreciation for maritime and east-coast architecture styles.

A photograph of carved and painted birds in driftwood "trees"Untitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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