Homage to Marcel Duchamp: Art by James Cortesos

A mixed media work on canvas featuring photographs and paintHomage part 2, collage on canvas

James Cortesos identifies much of his work as an homage to Marcel Duchamp. Working in collage and mixed media, James creates works that incorporate figurative photographs into a column-like composition with abstract paint and planes of color.


A colorful collage with photos and painted elementsUntitled


I find the comparison to Marchel Duchamp’s works quite interesting in the context of James’ portfolio. The works here are brightly-colored, graphic and exciting, while I tend to think of more subdued, earthy tones when I think of the visual nature of Duchamp’s body of work. That said, James’ portfolio does a good job of capturing the exploratory, bombastic, sometimes even zany nature of his inspiration.


A screen capture of James Cortesos' art websiteThe artist's website: www.cortesosartstudio.net


The balance between randomness and planned structure in James’ works is also intriguing. Though his collage compositions seem hectic, with tangentially related photographs and wild brush marks layered in oddly specific arrangements. The effect conveys a sense that the artist is gathering obsessive thoughts, giving the viewer a direct look into the process of inspiration and creation. 


A mixed media collage by James CortesosUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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