Psychology and Human Experience: Art by Amanda Dinse

A mixed media artwork of a girl swimmingSwim, watercolor, ink, and Sharpie on cold press paper

Amanda Dinse combines sculpture, painting and mixed media in her art portfolio, often addressing aspects of psychology and human experience. Her works frequently feature human figures, sometimes presented frankly and other times abstracted nearly beyond recognition.


A sculptural work by Amanda DinseBaggage

The works in Amanda’s sculpture gallery are quite intriguing – though they might be viewed as slightly dark or grotesque, they seem - of all the artist’s works - to be the most closely tied to the human psyche. Having studied psychology as well as art, Amanda seems adept at combining the two. One work, titled Baggage, takes the literal visual image of a suitcase and fills it with clay or ceramic masks, creating an interesting tension between literal symbols and visual metaphor.


A screen capture of the front page of Amanda Dinse's art websiteThe front page of Amanda's website


Amanda’s photography portfolio is also quite packed. Often focused on architectural elements, decorative pieces and animals, at a glance this gallery seems like a repository of artistic inspiration – capturing interesting forms and fragments, out of context and ready to be repurposed into a new artwork. 


A photograph of a blue bird on an ornate wall decorationterm, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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