Bright, Poppy Styles: Art by Reed Dixon

An enamel painting on canvas featuring a single cohesive shapeSHAPE SERIES 1, enamel on canvas

Reed Dixon is a freelance graphic designer and artist from Pennsylvania. With a background in graphics and greeting card illustration, Reed brings a range of bright, poppy styles to his works.


An enamel painting of three treesHAPPY TREES, enamel on canvas


Reed’s enamel works are especially interesting. The use of slightly raised splashes of enamel creates sense of tension between two and three dimensional media, and works that the viewer is compelled to want to touch. These enamel works are often abstract, though even in figurative works the emphasis seems to be more on style and medium than on subject.


A screen capture of Reed Dixon's art websiteThe front page of Reed's art website


I love Reed’s bright, pop-art renditions of small appliances. These painting have a sort of irresistible oddball charm to them that I find incredibly endearing – not to mention the skillful, smooth way they are rendered. It’s a similar style that Reed brings to his Produce Section gallery, though these images of fruits and vegetables are painted in a warmer, less metallic color scheme. 


A painting of a blender rendered in bright colorsBlender, acrylic on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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