A Sense of Awe: Art by Patricia Rain Gianneschi

A painting in a range of pink tonesUntitled

Chicago-based creator Patricia Rain Gianneschi is a multidisciplinary artist as well as a musician. According to Patricia, her work is partly about trying to induce a sense of awe in her viewer.


A painting of a woman in a red hat by Patricia Rain GianneschiThe Lady in the Red Beret


Patricia produces abstracted images in a variety of media, though her works are not always purely abstract.  While the figure is not the focus of her work, many of the artist’s images do contain figures. I like the way these figures seem to function as a jumping off point, leading the viewer into pure abstraction while giving them something of a conceptual tether, a prompt for interpretation.

A screen capture of Patricia Rain Gianneschi's art website

Patricia's art website, www.praingianneschiart.com


The artist’s works are filled with bulbous, undulating forms, and subdued colors in a somewhat modernist style. In many instances, the color scheme is tight and almost restrictive, with artist creating works that choose to exist in only a small section of the overall spectrum.

Knowing that Patricia is also a musician makes the intersection between music and visual media in her work wonderfully visible. These forms seem like they would come to life set to music. Like the works of fellow artist Marilyn Nelson, viewing these works while listening to music is certainly worthwhile.


An untitled artwork with abstract shapes in warm huesUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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