Documentary-Style Photographs by A.M. Williams

A photograph of a forested trailTrail of Solitude

Our featured artist today is photographer A.M. Williams. Williams specializes in fully saturated, documentary-style photographs that showcase natural lighting and provide equal attention to every object in the photographic plane.


A photograph of yellow daisiesYellow Daisies


I like the journalistic feeling that many of Williams’ images offer. The artist seems to steer clear of photo-manipulation, and the resulting works represent their subjects in a way that closely mimics what is seen by the naked eye.  Williams’ floral images, in particular close-up images of flowers, create an interesting near-pattern effect. The finished images act like photographic fabric or stationary samples.


The front page of A.M. Williams' photography websiteThe main page of Williams' website


Williams’ gallery of animal photography gallery is also intriguing. In this section there are glimpses of common domesticated subjects like horses, but these are offset by a selection of remarkable detailed photographs of bears apparently in their natural habitat. These photos, fittingly, are imbued with an exciting sense of ambiguous danger. 


A photograph of an Alaskan bearAlaskan Bear

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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