Subdued Yet Textured Artworks by Nella Lush

A cold wax and oil painting of sailboats on a calm seaThe Flats, oil and cold wax

Nella Lush is an artist who works with cold wax media and fresco techniques, creating subdued yet textured artworks. Recently, Nella has focused her artistic efforts on seascapes and maritime scenes, utilizing the aforementioned media to great effect.


An oil and wax painting of a desolate seascapeEarly Morning at Cortile Gallery, P-town, oil and cold wax on linen


I really like the way Nella’s use of cold wax lends itself to her subject matter. The subtle textural overlay in these works takes on the look of a morning fog drifting peacefully over the ocean. The same media lends Nella’s works the cracked, pleasantly worn look of very old oil paintings, an aesthetic which adds depth and substance to each work despite the easily recognizable subject matter.


A screen capture of Nella Lush's marine art portfolioNella's art portfolio at

Nella’s recent seascapes are pale and grey almost to the point of being desolate. It’s an interesting contrast to the works in our previous feature, many of which were frescoes in mxed media that utilized warm, antiqued tones. Yet there is a clear stylistic connection between these two extremes of Nella’s portfolio, and the artist displays a masterful control of aesthetics and tone. 


An oil and cold wax painting of sailboats seen from a deserted beachSailing Along the Coast, oil and cold wax

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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