Focused Still-Life: Watercolor Art by Gary R. Huff

A watercolor painting of a wall lamp by Gary HuffLamp, watercolor on Arches 100% cotton rag paper

Gary R. Huff is a watercolor artist currently located in Culpeper, Virginia. Gary’s paintings are detailed and figurative, usually focusing in on a single subject, creating focused still-life and portrait paintings of a variety of subjects.


A watercolor painting of a stone house in rural VirginiaStone House in Manassas, Virginia, limited edition print

I quite enjoy the way Gary utilizes negative space in his works – even in landscape paintings where the subject includes a forested area or a grassy field, the artist tends to leave some white space toward the edges of his page. I find this really adds to the sense of focus in Gary’s works, and increases the appearance of lighting and depth.


A screen capture of Gary R. Huff's artist portfolio websiteGary's artist website


Gary’s subject matter ranges from landscapes to architecture to animals, though the artist seems to have a particular affinity for the latter. Whether he’s painting a small bird or a lion, the artist uses the same smooth, patient brush marks to coax the most detail out of the medium. Standing against simple, clean backgrounds, these animals portraits take on a wonderful elegance. 


A watercolor painting of a lion by Gary R. HuffLion, watercolor on Arches 100% cotton rag paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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