Introspective Concepts: Art by Bruno Hernani

A painting featuring undulating forms of blue and greenThe Impernance of Dreams

Bruno Hernani is an artist, educator, and an engineer by trade. Currently based in Regina, Saskatchewan. Bruno creates paintings and mixed media artworks that express introspective concepts and esoteric narratives.


A painting based on astrological conceptsUntitled


Looking through Bruno’s portfolio, I see a lot of really cohesive series of works, yet each series is quite different in appearance from the next. The artist’s Impermanence series, for example, is a lovely study of deep oceanic blues and greens, painted in smooth, curved forms over canvases. The subject matter in this series is often water-based, with fish and occasional human figures rising out of stylized waves. Bruno’s Music paintings make me think of artist Marilyn Nelson, who also finds her images inspired by songs.


A screen capture of Bruno Hernani's art websiteThe front page of Bruno's portfolio website


Bruno has also created a series of works related to Tarot cards. Unsurprisingly, it’s easy to find a slightly esoteric bent to many of his artworks. Even in his photographic work, Bruno works to capture moments of culture and geometry that have appeared throughout his travels, moments that must inform later pieces.


A painting expressing music in relation to geometryThe Geometry of Art, Music, and Life, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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