Grit and Saturation: Art by David Tycho

A painting by David TychoZion No. 3, acrylic on wood panel

David Tycho is a Canadian painter who creates heavily textured images, capturing a feeling of grit and saturation. David’s paintings, while thick and darkly colored, often seem to convey a peaceful meditative sense about the act of painting itself.


An abstract painting of a storm by David TychoStorm Rising, acrylic on canvas

The artist’s heavy brush marks allow his paintings to appear abstract, though upon closer inspection many feature figurative elements.Oftentimes, these apparent figurative details are reinforced by descriptive titles. In David’s recent Fire and Rain series, for example, the title of the entire series becomes a suggestion for interpreting the deep, saturated colors presented in the works.


A gallery of David Tycho's Fire and Rain paintingsDavid's Fire and Rain series gallery


While David tends toward darker tones of grey, blue and brown, the colors in the aforementioned series are often bright oranges, with occasional flecks of green and blue. The abstract scenes call to mind a vast, sunny desert with sparse foliage and water. Check out more of David’s work in the Canadian Abstract Art gallery


An artwork featuring blueprint-esque line art and black and white tonesUrban Composition BWY, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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