Vivid Detail: Painting by Bev Robertson

A painting of a flower by Bev RobertsonUntitled

Bev Robertson is a member of the Canadian Federation of Artists and a painter who works in florals, landscapes, and other figurative subjects. Bev takes an exuberantly painterly approach to each of her works, rendering each subject in vivid detail.


A painting of a group of chickensThe Fancy Girls, Out and About


Looking through Bev’s gallery of floral paintings, comparisons to the work of Georgia O’Keefe seem obvious - though Bev tends to pull out the focus a little bit, painting the intricate details of a plant’s petals and stems as well as interior shadows and light. Bev’s seascapes capture different bodies of water in an interesting range of moods – from calm waters reflecting bright blue skies, to deep green stormy seas.


A screen capture of Bev Robertson's art

The artist also works with animals, portraits, and still-life imagery, crafting paintings that use a unique style suited to each subject. In particular, her paintings of scenic landscapes and vintage, rusted-out cars remind me of some paintings by David B. Scott, celebrating the beauty in both the ordinary and the extraordinary. 


A painting of an old, rusted-out truckOld Blue

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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