Architectural Views: Photography by Robert W. Easton

A photograph of the side of a building in CubaUntitled

Robert W. Easton is a photographer who specializes in architectural views and candid urban scenes. Robert’s photography portfolio is rife with images that celebrate beauty in disused, forgotten, or abandoned places. 

A photograph of a blue cornerUntitled


Robert’s recent series of photos from Cuba are saturated with color, and offer a close-up, personal biew of the region that’s quite different from the polished photos one might see in travel or tourism materials. I really enjoy Robert’s close-up views, where he examines an old, rusted window grate, or a brightly painted door, a single wall that holds some architectural intrigue. It’s interesting to take these close views with little locations context and examine the differences and similarities to structures throughout the rest of the world.

A screen capture of Robert Easton's photography websiteThe front page of Robert's website


In his exploration of disused buildings, Robert’s work is slightly reminiscent of Mark Essner or Matt Emmett. Robert’s photos are pleasantly documentary and impartial, presenting a well-framed but unembellished viewpoint.

A photo of an abandoned window in Central Falls, Rhode IslandUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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