Rabbits as a Motif: Art by Belinda Harrow

A sculpture of a soft-looking rabbitRose

Belinda Harrow was born in New Zealand but now lives and works in Regina, Saskatchewan. Belinda’s artworks often look at prairie environments and social constructs in relation to local fauna. Some of the artist’s most recent works heavily utilize rabbits as a motif.

A reverse view of a silhouetted rabbit sculptureverso of Rose


Entitled Future Nostalgic – The Rabbits, Belinda’s most recent series of work consists of a number of sculptures of rabbits and accompanying two-dimensional works. The exhibition is mostly devoid of color which I rather enjoy as it gives the rabbits a wintery, yet almost ominous tone, particularly when they are displayed together on a series of white plinths.

A screen capture of Belinda Harrow's art websiteBelinda's portfolio website, www.belindaharrow.com

The accompanying two-dimensional works offer more of a narrative sense, often literally, as the figures of rabbits are depicted having apparent conversations, images of different animals floating in speech bubbles far above. This convention, along with the compositions that tend to involve notable architectural structures, is a nice way to welcome the audience into an allegorical mode of thinking when dealing with these works.

A drawing of two rabbits discussing foxesGoverning

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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