Remote Areas: Art by Claire Cepukas

A colorful painting of horses grazing in a fieldHappy Horses, acrylic on canvas

Nelson, B.C.-based artist Claire Cepukas is inspired by wilderness, and her experience living in and travelling to remote areas of Ontario and the rest of Canada. Though Claire’s subject matter is often snowy and even desolate, the artist utilizes an impressive range of color to create striking and energetic imagery.

A blue painting of two kookaburras sitting in a treeKookaburra Buddies, acrylic on canvas


Claire’s paintings and drawings utilize color shading to impressive effect, creating a beautiful sense of volume and depth using figures that are slightly stylized and rendered with hard outlines and well-defined shapes. I really enjoy the way color factors into every aspect of the artist’s paintings, and the way Claire is able to use her palette to give the impression of an overall color scheme in each work. The brightness of these landscapes is often reminiscent of paintings by Ted Harrison.

A screen capture of Claire Cepukas' art websiteClaire's portfolio website,


In her photographic works, Claire maintains an interest in rural landscapes and forests – many of these photographs were taken during the artist’s time spent planting trees in northern British Columbia. These photographs do a great job of capturing the lush greenery and quietness of the northern landscape.

A photograph of a rainbow over a British Columbia forestPrince George, British Columbia, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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