Cocktails to Casseroles: Food Styling by David Grenier

A photograph of some fruity cocktailsUntitled

Food photographer and stylist David Grenier has made an artistic career out of making various treats look even more tempting. The artist’s portfolio showcases his skill at creating seasonal settings for food, and enhancing the look of everything from cocktails to casseroles.

A photo of some sweet bars stacked atop one anotherUntitled


I like how David presents different types of food in accordance with the flavors, events, and season associated with that food. Fresh salads, fruits, and cold drinks are often presented bathed in bright natural light, with subtle, minimal designs in the surrounding area. Meanwhile, heavier dishes like pies, lasagne, and baked meats are often showcased with heavier shadows, dark colors, and natural wood serving accessories.

A gallery on David Grenier's food photography websiteDavid's Book Four gallery of photographs


David’s photography and styling does a great job of showcasing not only cooked dishes, but raw ingredients as well. In some photos the artist uses the raw ingredients of a dish as a visual accent, scattering a table with flaked chocolate or cocoa powder to surround a chocolate dessert, for example.

A photograph of chocolate and cocoa scattered over a surfaceUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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