Bizarre New World: Photography by Joeann Edmonds Matthew

A manipulated photograph of a grassy mountainMT TAM-Planet Earth

Photographer Joeann Edmonds Matthew seems to create a fascinating and bizarre new world in each of photographic manipulations. Drawing from a mixed background in psychology and graphic design, Joeann creates multidisciplinary images that defy categorization.

A photo print of saturated red flowersRED HOT SUN FLOWERS


I love looking through the images in Joeann’s portfolio – the sheer breadth of subject matter here is enough to give pause, with imagery featuring everything from classic florals to landscapes to wildly inventive science fiction scenarios. Some of the manipulation techniques that Joeann uses serve to create moments of ultra-saturated color, and are reminiscent of the work of Adam Mayster. In other places Joeann manipulates her colors more subtly, or opts instead for a collaged look.

The front page of Joeann Edmonds Matthew's art websiteThe front page of Joeann's art website


As we saw in our previous feature of Joeann’s saturated surreal photographs, the artist has a real knack for taking a relatively ordinary original photo, and turning into something wildly abstract. Each image draws the viewer in with a question.

A photograph of an architectural construction in SevilleMETROPOL PARASOL, SEVILLE


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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